Substitute Teaching

Substitute Teaching Requirements

The Substitute Teacher License authorizes the holder to serve in an instructional capacity in a District of Columbia public, private or public charter school. (Note: Public charter and private school employees are not mandated by DC law to hold a state license; however, local education agencies may opt to require state licensure for employment.)

Eligible applicants may be issued a Regular Substitute license based upon the following educational requirement:

• A completed bachelor’s degree earned at an accredited college/university.

Note: Even if you possess or have completed advanced degrees/studies, you must submit your official undergraduate transcripts or a foreign credential evaluation report verifying completion of a bachelor’s degree prior to being issued a DC substitute license.shutterstock_247093522

Applying for a Substitute Teacher License

OSSE has recently launched the Educator Credential Information System (ECIS) for teachers, administrators, and school service providers seeking to obtain or renew a District of Columbia educator credential. The ECIS electronic application portal, allows applicants to enter their information, upload supporting documents, pay required application processing fees, and submit their complete application for a DC credential online. As of Monday, Feb. 1, 2016 all applicants seeking a DC educator credential must apply using ECIS. For more information and to start your application please visit the following links. In particular, consult the ECIS User Guidebook for step-by-step directions on how to submit an application using ECIS and for guidance on the appropriate supporting documents to submit:

ECIS Homepage
ECIS User Guidebook
ECIS Registration Page
ECIS Application Sign In (for registered users)

Supporting Documents

Procedures to obtain nationwide criminal history report (for DCPS employees only)[PDF]
Procedures to obtain nationwide criminal history report (for all other applicants) [PDF]